Installing new monitoring solutions

and integrating them with already implemented systems

A DLP solution can work not only as a data processor investigating and analysing any type of information (text, audio, video, graphics), but also as a data source. For instance, it can provide SIEM with data in accordance with a certain standard. As for other systems, data can be sourced through external script, sending a letter to a specific mailbox, API, syslog or CEF, access for the database reading in SQL.

A DLP toolset expands capabilities of already installed systems, enhances control of their efficiency and continuity providing you with the information on the correctness of their work. For example, integration with PACS simplifies control over work discipline; it assists an SOC with combining data on all incidents in a single solution and reducing response time.

On June 10, 11.00 a.m. UTC +3, the webinar on a DLP integration with other systems will be conducted to reveal many usefull tips and practices on how to benefit from usage of a monitoring solution.



Managing behavioral risk, measuring employee morale, detecting corporate fraud and protecting your staff from blackmailers or undisciplined colleagues — moulding keys to healthy environment and data safety

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