What has happened this January, 2022, so far?

According to State Government of Australia, the payroll provider failed to deliver which resulted in a data breach that affected 80,000 employees.

The data of public sector workers appeared to be compromised by hackers.

The Government issued to the provider a breach of contract notice.

There were financial details and private data of employees misused by an unauthorised party. Frontier Software has been the Government’s provider for a long time.

The investigation is ongoing, although it has been already reported that the provider had moved a document with the employees’ information to their corporate server bypassing the secure payroll system.

Aditiya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited portal got affected in a data breach which compromised more than 5 million records, including emails and phones, addresses, order history, credit card data and login credentials. Individuals’ religion information, marital status and salary appeared on the list of the data involved in the incident.

ABFRL is a large Indian fashion retail company represented by over 26,000 multi-brand outlets.

The e-commerce database of the company has been unauthorisedly accessed and posted online.

The security incident caused disclosure of the information which can be misused by malicious actors for phishing, social engineering purposes and identity theft.

A significant number of South African companies are reluctant about the idea of sharing the information on how many employees got affected in a data leak episode.

46% of businesses keep the news about staffers’ personal information leakage inside the corporate perimeter, thus making it difficult to draw statistics on employee data breach and switching the focus on customer leak statistics.

The situation might also imply the bigger risk and sheer possibility of frequent data leak caused by employees which might not get sufficient attention and brings less awareness to those businesses which haven’t experienced a serious data breach due to human factor or human error and can avoid it in future in case there is enough knowledge about the real situation in other companies.

In Ireland, teachers’ data got leaked, and the incident brought a €60,000 fine on the teaching council which had made a mistake.

Two employees of the statutory body with responsibility for regulating teachers opened a malicious email which triggered auto-forwarding of emails received by the council’s server to the Gmail address which belonged to violators.

The council is now due for meeting GDPR requirements and pay the amount up to €60,000 under the regulator facing the infringement of Articles 5 and 32 and failing to respond to four alerts coming from the IT department.



Managing behavioral risk, measuring employee morale, detecting corporate fraud and protecting your staff from blackmailers or undisciplined colleagues — moulding keys to healthy environment and data safety

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