Into the depths

You came in crashing like the waves to save me..

by washing me up ashore from drowning.

I was suffocating,choking…


You gave me air

I wasn’t asking for any savior to come

I didn’t want to be saved

I didn’t asked to be saved..

Maybe because…

Of all this time I was falling endlessly down…

Sinking endlessly down to the voidless sea..

Where the light of the sun and the gleam of the moon seemed to be guiding me down…

showing nothing but the blank,black,transparent liquid surrounding..

Saturating me as I slowly flow down and not float.

Unconsciously conscious of what’s happening..

Eyes closed..


Maybe all this time of I…

Feeling lost in the thin air..

All this time…

I got used to it.

And actually…

I was enjoying it.

It was disturbingly damaging yet it gave me such tranquility..

Such peace.

Even though I felt like I was dying slowly but surely.

Funny how…how something that could save you is something that could kill you.

I should’ve said no,

I should’ve not answer yes during the time when my guard was down..


Chills run down my spine and it’s not in a good way..

It’s the type of chills that triggers my tears…

With the sudden stroke of pain punching in my chest..

then gently fades and come back with a bludgeoning blast to my chest once more

It makes me so vulnerable and so fragile that deep breaths will only make the pain worse

  • LA09

Thank you so much for reading!