Remind me Again

If in case, my memories gradually slip away along with the years that have gone to this day, — remind me again of these.

Remind me of the day I saw you at that barn house party, mid-June. The day I wanted to call those warm golden-green eyes home and those arms of yours fort.

Remind me of the day we first fought because of some petty thing I did. You wanted to brush it off but I insisted of talking it over, so that we wouldn’t stumble across the same problem again.

Remind me of the day you held my nephew in your arms and played with her. That was the day I knew that you are the one I wanted to build a family with.
Remind me of the day we exchanged vows. When I promised to hold and cherish you forever. I could not contain my happiness. I was so ready to start a new chapter of my life with you as my better half.

Remind me of the day I came home and saw you change our youngest child’s diaper while you carry our eldest at your back. You looked so exhausted. I hated seeing you like that. So, when I get home I try to dedicate myself to you and our kids as much as I could. When we vowed to love each other, I did not only vow to protect and take care of you. I, also, vowed to protect the family we are going to build and to love our children as much as I love you.

I want to be reminded of the bad days too. When it seemed like we would only wake up to fight. When our days would be filled with screaming, bawling and blaming. We felt so distant. I wanted to wipe your tears and tightly embrace you but our egos were on the high. Instead of compromising we went on without realizing- our mistakes and our faults.

Darling, I want to be reminded of the bad days as much as I am reminded of the good ones. I want to remember that even when things got hard, when the world felt much heavier and our lives slowly went bluer. I want to be reminded that despite all that, I chose you. I chose you no matter how hard it got because with you everything was easier. I chose you because you were one-half of our whole that was carrying. I chose you because you make our blue skies much livelier. And I did not stop choosing you because you were everything I needed and wanted for all eternity, genuinely.

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