F&*K you Professor X!

Let me be clear off the bat…big fan of Patrick Stewart. Funny guy, great actor and killed it as Professor X. But screw that guy.

Because of all the mutant powers that exist in the Marvel Universe no other power frightens me more than the one that allows you to read a person’s mind. Because the unknown element in human interaction, the ability to listen and respond to our fellow man, is the thing that makes us most human.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” — Albert Einstein

I know the argument can be made that it’s a story from a comic book. Are you worried about blue guys who can teleport and girls who can control the weather? Well…of course I am. (Sorry Nightcrawler…you a bit freaky) But the reason Professor X is the ultimate mutant boogyman is that he is a symbol of the path we are already on. I can see the appeal in reading someone’s mind. Getting to know someone right away is much easier then sitting down and actually ..you know…learning about them.

“I’ve googled, facebooked and instagram dived them…trust me…I know enough!”…said too many people for me to recall.

People are messy, complicated ever changing creatures. It takes time and effort to get down and really know who they are. But, the deeper you dive and the more you open up the lines of communication, the better you can understand the “actual” person in front of you.

So I say…nice suit Professor…but get those fingers off your temple. I want you to hear what I have to say first.

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