On Hilary Clinton

So the word is going around that Hilary Clinton wants to join the resistance. That she wants to be a part of it, maybe even lead it.

There’s a reason why I and others in the resistance haven’t written much about her. It’s quite simple — the centrism she represents is not so much moderation as it is bankruptcy, as I outlined in my previous post. As much as we would rather she won, the election is over and not going to be changed. We get that. We’ve moved on.

I’m not interested in Clinton anymore and I’m skeptical that she will really be actually useful in resistance. Her and other centrist Democrats have tended to be unwilling to actually rock the boat or put up a fight. When George W. Bush was beating the drum for invading Iraq, plenty of people were calling him out for obfuscations, fabrications, and lies, and for the war just not being necessary.

Almost none of those people were prominent Democrats.

If Hilary Clinton wants to join the resistance, that’s fine, but we’re not resisting for her or because of her. Resistance isn’t about her losing the election. It’s about Trump’s immoral, undemocratic actions and policies. If she and other centrist/Clintonite/Third Way Democrats want to join us in refusing to bow before Trump or accepting his immoral regime, great. Welcome aboard. But if they aren’t going to see that the focus is on Trump, not the Democrats; if they cannot see that the weakness in their position helped enable their loss, then they are of little use. Most of all, they need to listen to us, not merely assume that what it’s all about is winning elections as a form of game.

Resistance isn’t a game. It is serious. It may yet prove to be life or death for many.