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Android Spotless Easy Setup

Setup spotless in Android in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Add ktlint and spotless plugin in the app build.gradle file.

plugins {
id ""
id "kotlin-android"
id "org.jlleitschuh.gradle.ktlint" version "<latest_version>"
id "com.diffplug.spotless" version "<latest_version>"
// Other plugins

You can find latest version of klint and spotless here,

Step 2

Create a new Gradle file at the project root level. It can have any name.


spotless {
// optional: limit format enforcement to just the files changed by this feature branch
ratchetFrom 'origin/main'

format 'misc', {
// define the files to apply `misc` to
target '*.gradle', '*.md', '.gitignore'

// define the steps to apply to those files
indentWithSpaces() // or spaces. Takes an integer argument if you don't like 4
java {
// don't need to set target, it is inferred from java

// apply a specific flavor of google-java-format
// make sure every file has the following copyright header.
// optionally, Spotless can set copyright years by digging
// through git history (see "license" section below)
licenseHeader '/* (C)$YEAR */'

Step 3

Use this new file in the app build.gradle like this,

apply from: "$project.rootDir/spotless.gradle"

To run spotless

To check for issues

./gradlew spotlessCheck

To automatically fix issues

./gradlew spotlessApply




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