Page Indicator with Jetpack Compose using Canvas and animations

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1 min readAug 19, 2022


Result Page Indicator

When using a view pager, To indicate the currently selected page we use a page indicator.

For use cases like onboarding page, a simple page indicator with few dots and noticeable selected page dot works.

Here we are going to create a simple dot page indicator with animation using canvas in Jetpack Compose.

Let’s begin from the bottom. First, we will create a view for a single dot followed by a page indicator combining the dots and then a sample to see how to use them.


  • Using animateDpAsState and animateColorAsState for the animations and drawRoundRect to draw on the Canvas.


  • Using Arrangement.spaceBy() to place the dots.

PageIndicator Usage

Note: The LaunchedEffect here is just for demonstration. In the actual use case, we have to link it to the view pager pages and selection state.

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