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1 min readAug 21, 2022



Let's start by creating the button we will use to trigger the swipe action.

A simple box with white background and a right chevron icon.


We will use swipeable Modifier for the swipe action handling.

swipeableState.currentValue = 0 means the button is in its initial position and swipeableState.currentValue = 1 means the swipe action is completed.

We will use this logic along with LaunchedEffect to determine the swipe complete.

I have used FractionalThreshold of 0.3 . This means if we swipe less than 30% of the width, the indicator will snap back to the initial state. If swipe more than that threshold, the indicator snaps to the final position.


And finally, an example to demonstrate how to use the button.

We can use the onSwipe handler to make network calls, database operations, or any other required actions.

The delay is used to simulate any such operation we would be using in the actual app.

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