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Crypto Climate Accord Adds Over a Dozen New Supporters in Two Weeks Since Launch

New Supporters Span Four Continents and Multiple Industries

Zug, Switzerland — 22 April 2021 — The Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), a private-sector led initiative to decarbonize the crypto and blockchain industry, is taking shape and gaining momentum just two weeks after its launch. This Earth Day, we are proud to announce the newest CCA Supporters: 3Degrees, Envision Digital, Foton, Mercados Eléctricos (MerElec), RECS International, Reneum, RSK, XM, World Economic Forum, as well as various energy and blockchain startup companies, including Emergi, Libra Project, Mantle, and The fast-growing community of CCA Supporters now includes nearly 40 companies spanning the crypto, finance, technology, NGO, and energy and climate sectors as a signal of support for developing solutions to decarbonize the crypto industry.

“We are thrilled to support this timely initiative and help the Crypto Climate Accord enact thoughtful, inclusive governance so we can channel the diverse perspectives about crypto into robust solutions,” said Sheila Warren, Deputy Head of the C4IR Network, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum. “Together with the Forum, the CCA will be a critical part of the broader conversation about creating an environmentally and socially responsible crypto ecosystem.”

Work is already underway to establish a representative CCA Advisory Committee, operationalize the CCA, and accelerate development of new solutions to decarbonize crypto. Based on initial feedback from CCA Supporters, Energy Web has identified three activities that will underpin how Supporters make progress toward the CCA’s objectives:

  1. Benchmarking & good industry practices: Establish an enhanced baseline of the crypto industry’s renewable energy use to bring greater clarity to this issue and define good industry practices based in alignment with renewable energy and carbon standards;
  2. Solution toolbox development: Develop a toolbox of open-source solutions that help crypto holders directly decarbonize their crypto holdings and enable crypto networks to decarbonize from the bottom-up (more details here);
  3. Proof of progress: Share measurable progress toward the CCA’s objectives and highlight challenges where additional stakeholders are needed to lend support.

Supporters are already developing solutions to convert the crypto industry’s energy use into a new class of renewable energy buyer. For example, nonprofit Energy Web will launch the first commercial version of Energy Web Zero in Q1 2022 to provide crypto investors, hodlers, application developers, exchanges, and mining facilities a freely accessible and easy to use tool to buy verified renewables in an entirely digitized manner. In addition, bitcoin mining facility companies are beginning to explore the potential and needs for “green hash rate” software that can illustrate increasing renewable energy use by mining facilities.

“We at Energy Web are all about decarbonizing the electricity grid and to create more impact we are dedicating multiple people to the CCA. We will help to define and build open-source solutions that meet the needs of the crypto sector and turn the crypto industry into a source of new demand for renewables“ said Walter Kok, Chief Executive Officer at Energy Web. “A lot of our members are utilities operating the grid and provide full support to make this happen. We are happy to see that more Supporters are rolling up their sleeves with us and expect more to join us soon.”

Together, we will make crypto green.

To learn more about becoming a CCA Supporter, contact Doug Miller, Head of Global Markets at Energy Web, via



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Crypto Climate Accord

Crypto Climate Accord

An initiative to #decarbonize #crypto by powering #blockchain with 100% #renewableenergy. Cofounded by Energy Web, RMI, and AIR. #makecryptogreen