Who loves knives and synth?

Our newest MADE artist, that’s who.

Hey, everyone! We’ve got news. Plastic is edible and as tasty as cheese! Nope, we made that up and it’s completely irrelevant. Actually, we’ve launched the collection from our latest MADE artist, Stacy Eyles, and boy is it fantastic! His designs are edgy, weird, kind of wacky, sort of out of this world, and sure to be your new favorite thing. Below is an interview with Stacy himself, where you’ll learn nothing about his work and everything about his mundane imagination.

*As a reminder, please don’t eat any tupperware while reading this interview.

If the Scotsman in Stacy’s “Dressed to Kilt” went up against the dudes in “Muscle Bros.”, we’d like to think they’d discuss the invariable comfort factor of skirts vs. pants, instead of fighting. However, we can’t guarantee anything.

T: Congrats on being MADE! What was the very first thing you did when you found out?

S: The first thing I did… wait, I don’t remember. All I recall is waking up, tied to a chair, with doctors saying things like “He can never know.” and “So much death.” I left the hospital, and prepared my house for the 100 unicorns I knew I would surely receive.

T: We wish we could tell you we were gifting you 100 unicorns for being MADE, however, unfortunately, we can’t (for a number of reasons). But, if that were the case, what would you do with 100 unicorns, and how would they affect your work?

S: Haha, that’s a weird joke, Threadless, withholding my rightfully earned unicorns. Haha… weird joke, guys. WHEN I receive my unicorns, and receive the customary unicorn-centric shindigs and obligatory stampede parades, I will carry on life as normal, but with so much more majesty and 100 more ‘corns.

This is Stacy. Please don’t judge, his parents were watercolor paints.

T: What’s the Stacy James Eyles secret for creating really awesome, super unique, edgily clever designs? (We won’t tell anyone, we promise.)

A: If you asked me this three years ago, I’d say blood sacrifices. But now, I head to the movies with my girlfriend, we show up an hour early, order a meal from a nearby foodhouse, and then spitball ideas back and forth. I try to sneak dogs into all of them, the food arrives, and I lose interest in the design talk. She stays on track, says something cool, and I say “Ok, I’ll do it.”

T: If you could choose one and only one of your design’s characters to go on a weekend camping trip with, who would it be and why?

A: Probably the severed hand in Palmistry, because it is great. It doesn’t have psychokinesis, so it can’t control the thoughts and words of small insignificant humans. Also, it’s not planning on overthrowing the world. THE HAND IS ALL. THE HAND IS ALL.

Here is Stacy’s preferred camping friend, “Palmistry”. He likes sleeping under the stars.

T: A deranged eskimo has trapped you in his impressively equipped igloo for the duration, commanding you to create. Where would you look for inspiration for your next design?

S: Easy, I would win him or her over as my lover, and then use our cold, icy love as a muse. Did you know the Inuit have seven words for snow? Nope, not true. They actually have seven thousand words for passion.

T: Your favorite things are knives, dogs, synth, sci-fi, and single-malt scotch. What kind of design would you create that would incorporate all these things? Go!

S: Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly. Imagine a dog, his fur is a little messy. Something has happened. He has a wild look in his eye, his pose suggests a danger, a danger unseen. Anger and fear wash through out him, both emotions present, but both conflicting. Everything about him is filled with mystery and hatred. There’s also sci-fi, scotch, knives and synth. Exhale.

Stacy says “Let’s Go to Space Camp!” Your head and the contents inside are nonessential.

T: If your home were unexpectedly hit by a fire-blazing meteor, which printed Threadless design would you save and why?

S: “Cake Delivery”, for selfish reasons. It contains a quick escape method in the form of a besaddled and magical cat-shaped cat that flies via a patented food propulsion system, and also contains food, cupcakes, a cookie guy as a friend (but ultimately food), and milk to live off of while I’m adjusting to my newfound homelessness.

T: Word on the street is you are 0th part Choctaw. Are you made up of 0th part anything else?

S: I’m 0 parts of the following:

Irish. Austrian. Brazilian. Quadrillion. Jillian. Hylian. Yiddish. Skittish. Dutch. Double Dutch. Bostonian. Flohstonian. Mauritian. Magician. Iraqi. Dothraki. Teppanyaki. Haitian. Alsatian. Cherokee. Grand Cherokee. Russian. Black Russian. Merfolk. Texan. Mexican. Tex-Mexican. Old Caledonian. Fifth Beatle.

I’m also half hermaphroditic.

So far “Cake Delivery” has successfully evaded PETA.

T: Being the English language enthusiast that you are, how does your native tongue influence your designs?

S: In my country, English is only one of three official languages, but I definitely design in English. I use the English brushes and restrict my palette to only the English-safe spectrum.

T: If you could grow an additional limb that would manifest as some type of artistic tool (pencil, drawing tablet, coloring book, paper), what would it be and why?

S: A sextant. You know why. (I just winked.)

Now sit back, relax, and watch Stacy’s animations dance across your screen in all their fantastic and absurd glory.