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Make Idaho Better getting recognized

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Perspectives on Idaho education

Published by Idaho Press (January 2019)

“Over the following days, 505 Idahoans responded and shared what they think about local versus state education quality, “going on,” and how they consume education-related information, among other things. And, by publishing the results and my detailed analysis, I was thrilled to add something novel to these important discussions.”

As Boise booms, a city faces the curse of ‘Californication’

Published by Curbed (January 2019)

“After Crow’s return to Boise, he founded a data analytics firm and launched Make Idaho Better, a survey site measures public opinion and offers analysis to local government.”

822 Idaho perspectives on animal abuse

Published by Idaho Press (January 2019)

“The Idaho Press believes that community-focused research like this is important for Idahoans to read and consider. They’ve invited me to share Make Idaho Better research findings in opinion columns like this on a regular basis, and I’m happy to oblige.”

Want to weigh in on Idaho and Boise issues? A local man has the site for you.

Published by Idaho Press (October 2018)

“A big goal for Crow in the creation of the site alongside helping possibly guide policy is to help people learn more about their community members’ point of view in an unbiased way outside of social media.”

‘Make Boise Better’ Survey Looks To Community For Solutions

Published by Idaho Matters (October 2018)

“The Make Boise Better survey seeks to bridge the divides between members of the community and public administration. Survey creator Cameron Crow seeks to use an “affordable, sophisticated research platform” to engage the majority of the population that feels detached from serious community engagement. Crow joins Idaho Matters to describe the survey and how its results could be applied to affect change.”

Cameron Crow receives Boise Mayor’s Good Neighbor Award

Published by LIV Boise (October 2018)

“Cameron is actively working to ‘Make Boise Better’ by starting a civic engagement platform for Boiseans to make their voices heard. I’m really excited by the idea of a new way for Boiseans to engage with local issues and find out what other people think.”

The Big Tent- Cameron Crow, Make Boise Better

Published by Radio Boise (August 2018)

“This week, Jen and Corey sit down with Cameron Crow. His blog, Make Boise Better, delivers and analyzes weekly themed surveys to Boise residents. The episode includes conversation on growth in Boise and Boise’s growth compares to other U.S metropolitan areas.”

October Lunch and Learn with Cameron Crow

Published by Boise Young Professionals (August 2018)

Cameron Crow is the founder of Make Boise Better and Boise Analytics. His mission is to help Boiseans make better decisions with data. He wants everyone to be able to use data regularly, with confidence, and he works to connect the people with questions to the people with answers. He does that through research with Make Boise Better and consultants with Boise Analytics.”

Alumnus Spotlight — Cameron Crow

Published by Boise State’s School of Public Service News (August 2018)

“Crow also noted that, in our current polarized environment and social media echo chamber, civil discourse and agreed-upon facts and data are often lacking. With this in mind, he founded another company, Make Boise Better, to create a following of engaged Boiseans that want to be better informed and be a part of solutions to problems.”

A Data Nerd’s Quest to Make Boise Better

Published by The North End (August 2018)

“At the core of what we’re doing is the desire to make Boise residents and leaders better informed about important issues. We think that makes for a healthier, more-empathetic community that’s able to focus more on solutions and make a difference.”

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