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Make Idaho Better

Local Business Leader Interview

Meriwether Cider co-owner and community-oriented business leader, Kate Leadbetter, discusses survey findings, themes, and considerations

  • Introduction to Make Idaho Better (0:00)
  • How the Businesses Supporting Communities Survey happened (2:08)
  • Do people think business should support local communities? (5:30)
  • How much do businesses support your local community? (8:15)
  • What’s the best way to support communities? Good jobs. (9:45)
  • What’s most important when deciding where to spend your money? (16:30)
  • What would you do for businesses that support your community? (20:45)
  • Kate feels like these survey results reinforce that Boise has a special culture that’s interested in building community (29:15)



Using surveys, public results and analysis, and stories to make Idaho voices heard and make a difference. Helping leaders find better solutions with innovative and affordable community engagement and market research.

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