Mastery Education Expert Interview

Meridian Academy Principal and mastery education expert, Dr. Dustin Barrett, discusses survey findings, themes, and considerations.

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In this interview, I chat with Dr. Dustin Barrett, Meridian Academy Principal and mastery education expert. Check it out!

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  • Introduction to Make Idaho Better (0:00)
  • How the Personalized Education Survey happened (1:40)
  • How often do people hear about mastery education? (7:20)
  • Understanding of mastery education. The more you hear about it, the more you understand? (11:25)
  • What’s an acceptable graduation rate? 95%. What’s our current graduation rate? 80%. (14:58)
  • The effect of student ownership on engagement. “100% more engaged.” (21:15)
  • Grading students on what they know, versus what they do. Choosing the right answer on a multiple choice test, versus “show me.” (29:43)
  • Individual pacing. Overwhelming approval of that. (36:59)
  • Everyone should have access to a personalized education. Think equity. (39:07)
  • Would YOU have learned more with mastery? The only reason 95% aren’t saying yes is because they don’t fully understand it (60% said yes). (45:15)
  • How expensive is it? Not much more expensive — “it’s a change in philosophy.” (48:50)
  • How quickly could it be offered to everyone? Current pace: 35 years. Actually, though: 3–5 years. (55:30)
  • The single best thing Dustin wants is for universities to start teaching it. (1:07:52)