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How we help our clients understand their markets

Cameron Crow
Aug 16, 2018 · 4 min read

Ever struggle to understand your target demographic as deeply as you’d like? We can help.

If you’ve been to Make Idaho Better before, you probably understand what we offer our subscribers: opportunities to make their voices heard and make a difference on important state and local issues through surveys, public results, and analysis.

What you might not understand is how we make money. This post explains how we help our client organizations, the other half of our business.

As a client, we help you answer your research questions and find better solutions to your business challenges by providing you with the information or people that you’re looking for. That can happen several ways —

Pick the survey topic

We survey about all kinds of things. Variety is an important part of keeping our content fresh and engaging. So, it won’t be every week that a survey might feel specifically relevant to your line of work. But, for a small fee, we can tailor an upcoming survey to your subject area exactly.

Your questions

You can learn a lot from watching our weekly surveys without being a client, but perhaps you have a specific question that you need to answer? If you work with us, we can add it directly to one of our surveys. It can have your organization’s name on it, or not, depending on your needs.

Choose your audience

Want to hear from more people than normal? Or, do you want to hear from certain types of people in particular? We have scalable, targeted techniques to increase awareness and participation. Whether you want numbers, or diversity, or both, we got you.


Our subscribers are engaged Idahoans that care about state and local issues and solutions, and that makes them a great target for philanthropy. Are you a charity or nonprofit, and would you like to ask for and receive donations from this group? We can help you get the attention of thousands and raise funds with no up-front costs.

Segmented results

The overall survey results are always publicly available, so you get that at no additional cost.

But what if you need to go deeper than that? What if you need to understand your market with nuance? You’ll need to understand how different types of respondents answered the questions.

We can help you break things down by the demographics that matter most to your organization, whether that’s gender, age, location, income, or something else. We have hundreds of data elements available.

You help us understand your goals, and we’ll provide the most useful views— whether the format is static charts, or a dynamic dashboard. We won’t stop there. We’ll tell you what we think it means and what we think you should do about it.

Statistical modeling

Wondering if the survey findings are representative? If the differences between groups is statistically significant? If we can expect other Idahoans to think/feel/behave the same way? No problem.

We can use PhD-level statistical modeling techniques to answer those questions in a rigorous way. And, as always, we’ll make the results and implications as easy to understand and act on as possible.

Targeted connections

When you see interesting survey results that are relevant to your business, you may wonder who those people are.

Perhaps it was a chart that wasn’t at all what you expected, or a comment that had a unique perspective on your area of expertise. Instead of just wondering why that person responded the way they did, why don’t you ask them?

We can connect you to the respondents you’re interested in, if they’re willing. You can use this for leads, market interviews, focus groups, or your own surveys. You can get the full story.

Focus Groups

Want to get the full story, but don’t have the time or money to organize and run your own focus groups? No problem — let us help you!

Our digital-first approach keeps costs and logistics low and helps you hear from more people than you could with an in-person alternative.

Want Discounts?

You can get discounts on our services by becoming a monthly retainer client or by promoting our surveys — we can tell how many responses came from you, and we give $1 of credit for each!

Get in touch

If our offerings interest you, and you want to talk specifics, email cam@makeidahobetter.com and we’ll discuss!

If you have other data needs than what we can solve, check out our sister company, Boise Analytics.

Make Idaho Better

Using surveys, public results and analysis, and stories to make Idaho voices heard and make a difference. Helping leaders find better solutions with innovative and affordable community engagement and market research.

Cameron Crow

Written by


Make Idaho Better

Using surveys, public results and analysis, and stories to make Idaho voices heard and make a difference. Helping leaders find better solutions with innovative and affordable community engagement and market research.

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