Setting smart objectives

and why everyone should be tracking results

Rick Harrison
Apr 11, 2018 · 2 min read

At Make it Clear, our purpose is to improve interactions between organisations and their audiences.

We do this by solving business challenges, from go-to-market strategies, websites, events and product launches through to refining messaging in presentations, thought-pieces and marketing collateral like brochures and animations.

In addition to improving interactions, these activities have another commonality: the need for measurable success, or more simply, a result.

It is the results of the activities we develop that really matter to our clients. The results are the proof that we have achieved their goals and objectives, be that growing their business, communicating with their customers or entering new markets.

We know results matters to our clients and ultimately our success in achieving these results is why our clients work with us. Results are why businesses exist full stop.

In order to achieve the desired results, the objectives need to be clear from the outset. This is true of any project, be that design, construction, service, etc.

Agreeing quantifiable measurements of success before starting a project enables all stakeholders to be sure they’re working towards achieving same end result, they also make it easier for all to challenge.

To do this we use specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed (smart) objectives. Asking ourselves the following questions to develop, and refine, the objective:

Specific — what exactly is it we want to achieve?

Measurable — how will we quantify success?

Achievable — can this actually be done?

Realistic — are the resources in place to make the objective happen? (skills, budget, time)

Timed — when will the objective be achieved (by the end of the month, 21st March 2017, etc.)

Without SMART objectives in place, it’s almost impossible to really know the results of the activities meaning you will have no evidence of the success your handwork delivered.

This is important when it comes to continuing client relationships, and even more so when looking to engage with new clients — without quantified evidence of success you can’t truly demonstrate how effective your work has been, or why someone should choose to work with you over your competitors.

For me, the final point alone is enough to prove why project objectives are so important for both agency and client perspectives.

I’m a strategist at Make it Clear, we make technology easier to use, engage with and understand. We help organisations improve customer interaction with products and services through clarity in design and communication, delivering better experiences at every touchpoint.

Make it Clear

We help companies talk about technology-based products and services in ways that everyone can understand.

Rick Harrison

Written by

Strategist at Make it Clear

Make it Clear

We help companies talk about technology-based products and services in ways that everyone can understand.

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