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How to record a powerpoint to the video presentation.

A simple tutorial to record a presentation video in a PowerPoint.

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“The covid-19 situation like now, the appointment of learners to study at the same time is so difficult. We have many ways to aid in making e-learning that can be watched anytime are a good choice, and can easily to DIY at home.”

Today, the NOC Team proudly presents a way to record teaching/tutorial with PowerPoint and also have the instructor’s face in it. Also, you can use the teaching tools necessary for presenting.

An Example of the presentation video with a narrator

The record simulates like you’re in the classroom and students can playback that video any time


  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 record voice and pen tools only.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 record voice and pen tools only.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 record voice, instructor’s face, and pen tools

And all that can be done with these following steps.

  1. Prepare the finished version of the slides you want to use in the record.
  2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Then go to Tab “Slide Show” and go to Record Slide Show Ribbon, click the small arrow to bring up more menu.
Click on the arrowhead after the word Show
Record Slide Show menu is in Slide show Ribbon

3. After the hidden menu is pop out select the “Record from Beginning” menu to enter the presentation and recording video mode.

After click on that the next screen will show.

4. This screen includes tools you can use for present and recording tools by following.

First Screen and all menu
  1. The Video recording tool has the Record button, pause button, and Replay button.
  2. The Notes button click for show presentation script.
  3. The clear button is a button to delete instructor video and all pens taking on slides.
  4. The settings button is a mic and camera setting
  5. The Previous/Next slides button
  6. The screen showing the instructor/presenter display (You must have a webcam)
  7. The Support presentation tools include pen, word highlight, and eraser.
  8. Tools for turning the camera, mic and instructor display on and off.

5. When ready to record, press the RECORD button to start recording.

Click a RECORD button

6. When the video is recording, the RECORD button will change state to PAUSE and the screen showing the instructor will appear as shown.

RECORD button turns in to PAUSE button

7. To end the recording video, press STOP. When the recording stops, the presentation can be reviewed by pressing the REPLAY button.

8. Then exit recording slide mode, you will see the instructor display attached to the slide. It means this presentation has been recorded.

Well done!! At this point, our teaching record was completed. It’s easy, right?

Finally,“Don’t forget to save your file as well that’s very important!!!

(Optional). If you using special fonts in your slides. You may get a distorted font when opening it on another computer.

So, Before saving the file, In “Tools” menu click on a “Save Options”. Then checked on “Embed fonts in the file” and “Embed all characters (best for editing by other people).

Recording the video narrator attaches in the .pptx (PowerPoint presentation file) is another choice to make a presentation more interesting. You can also use this method with Office365.

Finally, the NOC Team hopes this stories will be useful to all readers.



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