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The cacti 1.2.12 unable to log in after fresh install

I’m unable to log in my cacti a few days later after fresh install the cacti version 1.2.12, I share a workaround to solve this problem between waiting for an update to the next release.

Unable to login cacti 1.2.12

I’m unable to log in to my cacti. The last week I just fresh install the cacti version 1.2.12 on ubuntu 20.04. Everything looking fine but when I try to log in but it sticks on the log in page.

I’m sure my username and password are correct. So I’m searching on the google I found the related issues here. But It still can not help me to solve my problem. So I try to do this way by myself. It just a workaround to solve this problem. Between waiting they release an update to fix this bug.

I’m always using a chrome browser. When I want to log in to my cacti I have to clear the cookie of my cacti site.

Right-Click in chrome browser and select an Inspect.
Open Inspect tools in chrome browser
Next step select the application tab and in the left panel click on Cookies. Delete all cookies on the right panel.Sometimes I found 3 cookies, So delete it all.
Delete all cookie of your cacti site

After clear all cookies try to close your web browser and re-open it again. Now you can log in to your cacti.

I hope this workaround is useful for everyone.




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