How I manage my focus

For making things happen in my life

For the last 10 years I’ve been searching for a way to organize better, along with my brother I’m almost certain that we have tested most of the software applications and methodologies out there.

One thing has come along, there is no one that can help you get things done than your own will, but today I would like to share how I’m currently organizing my projects and focus.


1 Inbox

To capture everything that needs my attention, I use Captio, to send an email to myself.

2 Review / Process

Every day I spend a few minutes to organize daily goals, my agenda and process any pending items in my email.

3 Projects / Goals

I use a kanbanpad board with the following setup:

  • Backlog: Things I want to complete, but not this week.
  • This week: Goals I want to achieve this week (max 10)
  • Today: Goals I want finish today (max 5)
  • Now: Things I need to focus next to make it happen (max 2)

4 Agenda

With Google Calendar, I remember important dates, meetings and to setup time to work on projects.

5 Disciplines

Lift helps me with recurrent activities and tracking progress.

Every area of my life is managed in the same system (professional, personal, non-profit) as there is only one person in me.

What do you think about it? How do you organize yourself?