Resistance is your enemy

Inspired by the book: “The war of Art”

If you are like me, there is a difference between the image of yourself in your greatest moments of inspiration and the actual person that carries your daily life.

There have been a lot times where you have thought about fulfilling your dreams and do the things you always say you want to do.

But you have an enemy that has beaten you most of the times and either you don’t know it or you have used your mind to justify you excuses.

If you really want to achieve what you want and express it in your life, you have to fight back.

I can feel the fear you have just by thinking you could actually become the best version of you, but there is no other way of getting there: Stop planning things for tomorrow, next week or next year and start doing something about it right now.

Will you dare to take action? Or will you die with fear and regrets?