Hynt FAQ & AMA

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What is Hynt?
Hynt is a wireless device with a coin-sized footprint that pairs with an app. Drop one anywhere a reminder would be helpful. Later, as you approach that spot, Hynt brings important reminders to your attention. Hynt connects to your phone and to the cloud to show you the right notifications just when you need them. The Hynt app is designed to accomodate many devices in one space or in a household where different users can get different alerts. No more irrelevant alerts or missed messages.

Can I see what the device looks like?
Hynt will be unveiled to our subscribers in March.

How does Hynt work?
Hynt uses Bluetooth LE to give your phone precision spatial intelligence. More info coming soon 👨🏻‍💻

Why not build just an app?
We tried every reminders app out there, but still found ourselves missing important alerts. Stand-alone reminders apps can only do so much because they lack a precise enough understanding of your physical world. We wanted to build a reminders experience that’s way smarter and way more useful. The key to more useful, more relevant reminders is precision. With a more precise idea of your phone’s location, Hynt shows you just what you need.

How is Hynt different?
Standard reminders rely on timers & GPS data to trigger alerts. Timers don’t work because life doesn’t always run ion schedule. Then there are geo-fence GPS reminders, which are only accurate within about 100 feet, and don’t work indoors. Hynt’s location accuracy is far more precise, so you can get a “don’t forget to call your boss” alert just as you arrive at your desk. Or, a pill reminder at the medicine cabinet in the morning.

Is Hynt’s spatial intelligence going to work for more than just reminders?
We’re going to start with reminders, but you can probably imagine what’s possible with this type of location precision in areas like smart home integration. Hynt’s powerful location API is going to open up a world of possibilities for developers.

How will Hynt work with IFTTT, Alexa, and Winderlist?
Expect more details on this very soon! Think about the power of asking Alexa “Ask Hynt to remind me before I leave to bring my lunch”. Or, having a room full of your connected devices respond to your very presence. Pretty cool stuff.

When will more details be made public?
We’re launching Hynt in April. When exactly? Just sign up for our newsletter at hynt.me — you’ll be first to learn more and first in line to get Hynt.

Where and how can I buy Hynt?
Hynt will be available to pre-order in April, at an incredible price. We’ll be taking orders right on our site, and will accept all major credit cards.

What about Android support?

Android support will be announced in Fall of 2017. Stay tuned.

When will Hynt ship?
Hynt will ship just 4 months after launch, in August.

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