The Deeper ‘Why’ Behind Hynt

Moments matter.

We’ve been working relentlessly on realizing our vision for Hynt.

Nights? Check. Weekends? You bet. 😳

We launch on April 14th— It’s not getting less stressful from here out. 📈

And so, I’ve been thinking a lot about our motivations and the meaning we want to create.

🤔 💫 📝

Why exactly are we doing this?

Surely what we’re doing isn’t just making gadgets. It’s more than that. It really comes down to one thing…

We want to help you make the most out of life’s everyday moments. That’s why we’re reinventing reminders. We want to give you a tool to seize the now.

Einstein (Oh, yes!) said: “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.” He didn’t have a smartphone, but Einstein knew just how to use the tools he did have — a pen and paper — to stay focused, centered, and, of course, productive.

We hope that you’ll use Hynt soon — not as a gadget, but as a tool.

With its precision location accuracy, Hynt has the power to be a daily tool for focus, productivity, and positive change in your life. With Hynt, and without the worry of life’s little things, just imagine how many more big things you’ll achieve.

Many of you have been here since we launched SeeNote, a year ago today. As we look to the future, we’re glad you stuck with us.

We’re reinventing reminders together, and it’s incredible.

See you on April 14th.



P.S. It wouldn’t be a pre-launch update from me without a feature leak. Remember this screenshot from the previous update? With Hynt, the best reminders are the ones you don’t have to set. With Proactive Reminders, Hynt automatically pulls calendar, weather, traffic & transit data to keep you informed, so you know before you go, and you’re always prepared for what’s ahead.

Apparently it’s going to pour. Better grab that umbrella.

So What is Hynt?

Hynt is a way to get reminders you can’t miss. A way to get what you need at just the right moment. A tiny but intelligent Bluetooth Smart™device to bring enhanced location smarts to your smartphone.

Most of all, Hynt helps you seize the moment. Which moment? That’s entirely up to you.

Burning Questions? Check out our Hynt FAQs

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