What challenges us enough to get in the way of “Meaningful Work?”

Sometimes we …

  • Don’t listen
  • Lack perspective
  • Are disconnected from our own heart and emotions
  • Have no cross or interdisciplinary influence and body of knowledge to collect evidence to support our intentions
  • Lack time for continuous learning

This can lead to …

  • Narrow minded thinking
  • Extreme thinking
  • Short term thinking
  • False complications
  • Conformity using broken and destructive templates
  • Reduced care for others

This contributes to sleepwalking by …

  • Only looking at the surface layer
  • Not inquiring into the root causes of problems
  • Lacking a respectful, diverse, empathic, global, local, caring and compassionate mindset and attitude to solve problems
  • Not seeing a problem from different angles
  • Accepting only one tempo of work — fast or faster
  • Not giving us time to reflect on what really matters
  • Not seeing or considering the larger consequences of our actions

The result is

  • Being wasteful, cocky, elite & entitled
  • Not being able see or action real global problems

All this challenges us enough to get in the way of “Meaningful Work”

Sparkle Sessions

We are constantly running what we call “Sparkle Sessions” that encourage teach, learn, make, practice, reflect and action moments.

We need #sparkle to Seed and Practice to improve Attitudes to Reflect and Knit the capabilities & domains together to Learn & Evolve for better now and futures.