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Daniel Szuc
May 28, 2018 · 2 min read

As people continuously learn from a diverse range of sources to help “Make Meaningful Work” we reference a term we like to call Learning Portfolios.

Why Learning Portfolio?

We have selected these two words to mean the following:

  • Learning — as a continuous momentum or movement to learn and to promote the idea that there is something to learn or something to iterate and refine in reference to learning every day.
  • Portfolio — as a place to keep a record of knowledge you have have been learning and to see it as an investment in yourself.

What is a Learning Portfolio?

A Learning Portfolio is an artefact for you to design and we believe it can include items like:

  • References from sources you are interested to read, follow, learn from and subscribe to
  • Themes & gaps you are identifying over time that may be important for you
  • Articles you may want to write about
  • Practices you would like to practice individually and with learning buddies.

Learning according to time — past, current & future

As we consider the Learning Portfolio for ourselves and others we can consider the following questions:

  • What have we learned from our past interactions? (what I believe I have learned)
  • What opportunities reside ahead for future learnings? (what I believe I don’t know)
  • Who could I learn from based on the gaps related to people, time and place? (people in and outside of your circle to help challenge your bias and assumptions for tracking continuous learning)

Tracking for continuous life learning

A Learning Portfolio will help you track you knowledge over time and help you see what projects you could be or should be spending your time on.

For some topics you have learned, you also need to keep improving and connecting with other topics you have learned.

A Learning Portfolio provides a constant prompt to guide what should be continuous life learning.

It is not necessarily a linear process.

How do we keep tending to our own Learning Portfolio to ensure sustainable ME and WE growth to “Make Meaningful Work?”

Thank you to Jo, Jen, Davide, Matthew and Adam for the conversations about Learning Portfolios and in consideration of related topics.

Sparkle Sessions

We are constantly running what we call “Sparkle Sessions” that encourage teach, learn, make, practice, reflect and action moments.

We need #sparkle to:

Seed and Practice to improve Attitudes to Reflect and Knit the capabilities & domains together to Learn & Evolve for better now and futures.

    Daniel Szuc

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    Make Meaningful Work

    Make Meaningful Work

    How can we create an environment for people to move from sleepwalking to sparkle to make meaningful work?

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