Make meaningful work

Good energies for a project can be derailed quickly if people do not feel they have a clear understanding of why they are working on something. Opinion wars escalate if there is no customer involvement to better understand their needs now and over time, and additional features are often added to support egos and opinions without grounding it in evidence of what customers actually need.

It is important for everyone on the team, independent of their discipline, to have a clear idea of what the core features and value proposition of a product or service is: what is the primary reason a customer would want to buy, rent, or subscribe to a product or service; how customers will go about completing their goals; and how the product or service can better serve the customers and the business over time.

What elements and skills encourage healthier ways of working and what does it mean for meaningful work with others?

Consider the following:

  • Gaining maturity
  • Recognising emotions in play
  • Setting up conditions for success
  • Presence and focus in the work you do
  • Immersion in a particular domain to gain deeper understanding of the systems, context and people
  • Challenging assumptions or what we think we know
  • Aligning around the core offering
  • Time to think and to see forward
  • Stories to gather evidence on how to move forward
  • Work spaces that encourage better work together
  • Experimenting with concepts and ideas

We will unpack each of these over 2016 and 2017 to determine what it means to move from sleepwalking to sparkle.

More on the way.

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