UX Mastery : how can we make meaningful work?

Enjoyed a nice chat on UX Mastery today to help unpack this question:

What makes meaningful work?

Here are some highlights from the chat.

What frustrates you on projects you work on?

  • No ownership of direction
  • Emphasis on project speed
  • No definition of project success or failure
  • Assessment of the people we work with
  • Getting caught up with being busy versus creating valuable things
  • Losing focus on the bigger picture
  • Getting too caught up with the project details
  • Not clear on how the disciplines work together
  • Design is misunderstood as “bells and whistles”
  • We stop listening to ourselves
  • How we integrated design practices and what this means for the other team members

We also spoke about what meaning means to you?

  • Relevance
  • Purpose and resolve
  • Connection to a bigger purpose and strategy
  • Positive and beneficial impact
  • Understanding
  • Organising concerns
  • Helps provide value to people
  • Expression

Key reflection
A key reflection from the chat is identifying the importance of trust on a project and the explicit need to make this happen from the get go and how to harness it going forward.

Encouraging vulnerability in ideas and expression and creating a safe and trusting space to think

What would this mean for staging a project for success?

And that the:

Best possible freedom of thought encourages individual skills and talents to flow

And the importance of defining the problem before jumping into solutions that are not based on an identified need or pain point and how we need to put ego to the side:

The need to be personally right can keep someone from seeing solutions or gaining a better understanding of the problem

And Jo finished with:

The importance of understanding self in the pursuit of understanding people

And with that:

The lack of humility kills curiosity

So how can we continue to nurture continuous learning as a way to encourage curiosity in cross disciplinary project teams to help us see what we may not see today?

What would this mean for the future of work?

Perhaps the critical question is this:

Are we doing enough to allow for trust and freedom of thought to happen on projects when the projects are primarily caught up with speed, busyness and delivery?

We don’t think there is a set formula to this, rather there are routines to be learned from a multitude of domains and projects that will reveal how we can get from sleepwalking to sparkle.

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