Why Make Meaningful Work?

People spend considerable amounts of their time at work in projects that have little value.

Projects are part of a larger system we call “work”.

Sometimes people feel work is :

  • Wasteful
  • Unhealthy
  • Purposeless
  • Stressful

So what is the overall impact on people at work?


What can sleepwalking feel like at work?

  • Frustrated
  • Limited choices
  • Busy
  • No time to think
  • No energy
  • Numb

How can WE :

Make practices to contribute to the intention of wellness for people, work, projects, communities and economies for an enlightened future society?

We do this by creating:

  • Trusting work environments.

In order to strengthen trust in work environments, we need to gain perspectives to see more widely and deeply by:

  • Listening to other perspectives.
  • Probing for what you may not see.
  • Zooming out to gain perspectives.
  • Zooming in on the details paired with the bigger picture.

And then to share and clarify perspective by:

  • Confronting the issues to help solve problems.
  • Connecting the dots to gain focus.

Finally to define meaning based on perspectives and know what to work and why by:

  • Prioritising on what to work on.
  • Focusing on what to work on and it’s meaning.

Using these example practices, we need YOUR help to answer :

How can we make meaningful work?

What if you …

  • Possess all the social permission you need to change personal habits?
  • Spent an hour of everyday examining the potential for significance of a project?
  • Began listening to and imploring others for their motives rather than their threats?
  • Replace “what do I stand to lose?” with “what might we all need to gain?”
  • Openly discussed the projects you work on mattered and where the best work felt like play and the best play felt like work?
  • Welcomed all disciplines to create a broader ‘community of aspiration’ and signed an implicit contract to make meaningful work for every project we put our hands to?

Calls to action 
This is a hard question to answer and so WE will help to:

  • Write articles about this question of — how can we make meaningful work?
  • Use the articles to contribute to key themes
  • Invite experts from a range of domains who can write about key themes
  • Use the key themes to contribute directly to practices
  • Use the practices to contribute to an integrated practice as part of continuous learning
  • Organise events globally to help discuss frustrations that can lead to #sleepwalking and opportunities that can lead to #sparkle

You can, in the meantime, join in the conversation going forward and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Dan & Jo