7 Ways to Make Room on your iPhone

Ever is an app that lets you free up space on your phone by backing up an unlimited number of photos from across all your sources.

Our top feedback is: Hey Ever, I’m so glad that I found you, but I don’t even have enough storage left to download your amazing app! :(

…And I can’t delete a single one of my selfies either, because they are all fire.

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We hear you. That’s, like, really sad. And it’s why we compiled a list of the safest, easiest ways to make that last bit of space available on your iPhone, so you can download Ever and never worry about this again!

1. Know Your Power…

But seriously. Go to Settings → General → Storage & iCloud Usage to see what vampires are sucking up your storage.

2. Tell your browser history: Bye!

Go to Settings → Safari → Scroll down and hit Clear History and Website Data

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3. Take It Off…Line. Streaming is your new friend.

Congrats, you finally got through Downton Abbey! Any series, movies, or books you’ve already devoured can go now. While we’re at it, we can probably delete some pre-loaded apps like Stocks or Game Center. Feeling spry yet? Us too.

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4. Forever is a long time

Did you know that you can free up space by saving your text messages for 30 days or a year if you don’t need to keep every joke in your conversation history forever? (But no judgment if you want to, we obviously find you funny).

Go to Settings → Messages → Keep Messages → Select 30 Days or 1 Year

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5. #Twinning? Nah.

You can select to opt-out of keeping a copy of the original photo when your iPhone captures it in HDR (which is totes better anyways).

Go to Settings → Photos & Camera → Keep Normal Photo (switch to off)

6. Over it

Delete old shopping lists, lists of points you kept from your last fight (you were totally in the right, btw), and any other clutter in Notes.

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7. Download Ever and keep it one hundred.

Press the star button on the upper left corner to free up space once your photos are backed up in the app. Go on with your bad self.

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