Celebrate Her Every Day

Mother’s Day was first established in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her own mother a few years after her passing, however, It was not recognized as an official holiday in the US until 1914. Though congress at first rejected the idea several times, she argued that if anyone deserves a day it’s “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”. We couldn’t agree more and Anna eventually succeeded in persuading congress to agree as well.

It can be easy to forget during our day-to-day grinds to stop and cherish the people who matter to us most. We assume that our Moms will be there forever so we can call and check in later, or reply to her text tomorrow. We forget that no matter what, even in the absolute best case scenario where we each live long, happy lives, our Moms are not there forever and memories are all we have left.

We scoff when she says “I don’t need an expensive gift” though she actually means it, because the greatest gift she could ask for is to see her kids grow up happy and healthy.

Our main goal as a company has always been to protect unlimited memories and our first priority is to ensure you’re never forced to choose which photo to delete because you’re out of storage, or panic that your phone is lost along with years of memories. She’s right, and she usually is! The best gifts of all are experiences and memories. They should be protected as, eventually, it’s all we have.

Celebrate her each and every day. Call her. Respond to her text. Sit down and talk to her for a couple of hours about nothing. Enjoy her company and wisdom no matter what Sunday of the month it is. Hug her. Thank her.

Make memories.