Nice to meet you. We’re Ever.

Here at Ever, we bound into the office each morning because we have the distinct honor of hosting your photos and videos, so that you are free to make memories. Over the past two years, we have created billions of flipbooks, throwbacks, and albums to help re-introduce you to your best moments.

Ever recently unveiled a new brand, logo, and website that better illustrates our magical experience. We launched a new logo featuring the Ever wordmark on a white background. The white canvas is purposely left blank for you to build your own story as capturing your memories is deeply personal. The tone gradient represents the wide range of our shared experience as humans: happy, messy, and as unique as your fingerprint. Memories are the building blocks of your life — and Ever’s mission is to keep them sparkling through delightful digital experiences, and make them last through beautiful printed products.

Ever is also excited to announce a new motto, #makememories. There is so much to experience in your life: you shouldn’t have to press pause in order to edit or store your photos. So go ahead — make silly faces, make your mark, make a date, and make it count — without worrying about your technology keeping up. We’ve got your back.

We feel that this rebrand best captures how we serve your memories everyday, and our next step as a company as we branch into printed products, desktop, and more to come! Let us know what you think :)