Make Nampa Better?

Looking for the right person to bring the lessons from Make Boise Better to Nampa

I started Make Boise Better with the goal of using data to make residents better informed about important local issues and help leaders find and implement better solutions. We do that through weekly surveys, public results, and analysis.

Though it’s new, we’ve gotten great reception, and we’ve heard from many of our subscribers that live elsewhere that their communities really need this too. After lots of thought, I’ve decided that they should be served by a local that’s as familiar with their issues as I am with Boise’s.

So, I’m looking for a local that can bring my lessons and methodologies to the special circumstances of Nampa. That person needs to believe in our mission, be a good writer, and consider this complimentary to their current career path. There will be some financial compensation involved. If that sounds interesting to you, please contact me at

If that doesn’t sound like you, but you love the idea and would want to respond to surveys and check out the findings, please sign up and share with your friends and family! Hopefully we can get this rolling sometime soon.

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