MakeRoom Coverage Report (7/10)

Monday, July 6 — Friday, July 10, 2015


Accounted for over 1,800 of 1,854 tweets using hashtag #makeroom over the past week according to Topsy.

Over the past 30 days between June and July 10, tweets with the hashtag #MakeRoom were clicked on over 7,000 times.

Facebook and metrics

We used to provide metrics for network distribution of specific news articles related to #MakeRoom and the rental housing crisis from the BNN Network. Here are the articles that were posted by the BNN that received the most traction. We estimate from approximately 1,500 clickthroughs on Facebook based posts between July 6–11.

The MakeRoom Let’s Bring Opportunity Home post that links directly to was syndicated across 350 cities on Twitter and Facebook, and clicked on 656 times over an 8 hour period on July 11, 2015.


We sent four versions of tweets to 28 housing advocacy organizations who are @makeroomlive followers. We only tweeted once either on July 8 or 9:

#1: @makeroomusafollower Have you given thought about supporting #makeroom in <cityname>? #Concertsforthe1st?

#2: @makeroomusafollower We’re all for #affordablehousing. Pls. give thought to bringing #MakeRoom to <city>

#3: @makeroomusafollower We support your and @makeroomusa’s mission to solve the rental crisis in <cityname>. #Concertsforthe1st?

#4: @makeroomusafollower we’re eager to get your voice out about #affordablehousing. Have you thought of bringing #MakeRoom to <cityname>?

Seven replied or favorited the tweet:

Reply examples

We will continue to drum up activity and support from housing organizations next week.


#MakeRoom advocates’ posts were amplified (retweeted) 24 times this week across BNN cities with messaging on affording housing and rental data. Retweets are recorded at private account @makeroomlive. For example, the RTs of @Enterprise_NYC were performed by NYC based @breakingnycnews, @brooklyn_news, @queendailynews and @upperwestsiders.

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