The Winners of Make School’s Student App Competition 2017!

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2 min readJun 1, 2017


We had over 600 students register and submit 136 apps, games, and mobile experiences to the Student App Competition 2017. Our judges had their work cut out for them, as there were many amazing products!

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winners are Akshaya Dinesh, Amulya B, and Sowmya Patapati who built reVIVE, an ADHD diagnostic and treatment mechanism using VR.

Diagnosis ADHD is complicated and time-consuming — it can take up to 6–9 months and thousands of dollars. In addition, ADHD diagnosis is based on a variety of subjective factors and there is no definitive, quantifiable way to diagnose it. The judges of the competition are inspired by this VR solution as a diagnostic and treatment mechanism for ADHD. As well, they are impressed with the creativity, technical difficulty and UX of the product.

reVIVE Demo

Second Prize

The second prize winner is Adriano Matousek for his mobile game, Evade. Adriano represents what’s possible in developing your coding skills when building something fun and that you’re passionate about. This game was his first product and he learnt to code for iOS and Android as he developed it.

Evade Demo

Popular Choice Winner

Mashrin Srivastava and Saumya Suvarna for Network management console panel, a web app that allows you to handle your Linux based DNS, Web and Mail server.

Raffle Prize

Amir Braham, Khalil Acheche and Jasser Rouis for Touch Wizards, an intense and addictive mobile game.

A special mention to the submissions that made it as top 10 finalists.

CoSine — A beautiful re-plastering of a mathematical concept into a fast paced 2d platformer. A true test of co-ordination.

WeatherWheel — Probably the most beautiful weather app in the world.

ProjectMars — Conquer Mars for your faction in a game combining chess and risk style gameplay.

DogLog— Say goodbye to confusion over your dog’s wellbeing.

PocketDoc —A mobile app which uses machine learning to advise cures to people with common recognizable symptoms

menU —See your favorite restaurant’s menu specifically tailored to your needs and dietary preferences.

Picturize — Cliffnotes for Anything.

Face-To-Name —An app to remembers peoples names, so you don’t have to.

We look forward to meeting many of you at the Summer Academy!

Lastly, a big thank you to the guest judges: Dom Brassey, Laurence Bradford, Sean Kim, Brian Voong and Kjerstin Erickson.



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