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Next Samsung Unpacked on 9th Feb with new Galaxy phones

Not long from now, Samsung’s large cell phone exhibit will probably uncover the following cycle of its leader Galaxy S line, certainly called the Galaxy S22. Stunning, I know. In light of the holes and tales, what’s remarkable is this could stamp the year Samsung’s Galaxy Note and S telephone lines become one major cheerful family. In front of the occasion declaration, organization president TM Roh prodded it could include “the most important S series gadget we’ve at any point made.” See what they did there?

Samsung avoided the Note line in 2021, however altogether yet name, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the Note 20 replacement fans have been holding back to seeing for almost two years.

We’ve arranged all that we’re hoping to see here, yet we’ll likewise be covering the occasion on Wednesday, February ninth at 10 AM ET (7 AM PT). We’ll have our own Livestream covering every one of the telephones and any amazements en route.




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