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Vivek Kumar (Vik)
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2 min readFeb 4, 2022

Assuming you’ve seen the choice to downvote answers on Twitter, you’re in good company. The trial include, which Twitter began testing last year, is currently being displayed to a worldwide crowd, says the organization.

The choice to downvote was at first given to a select gathering of web clients, yet Twitter says it will before long be extending the component to iOS and Android clients also. Dissimilar to on locales like Reddit, absolute counts for upvotes and downvotes aren’t public, however are being utilized by Twitter in the background to change what answers it shows clients.

The organization said aftereffects of the trial up until this point found that clients downvoted answers they saw as hostile or superfluous. “This analyze likewise uncovered that downvoting is the most often involved way for individuals to signal substance they would rather not see,” said Twitter. Apparently, this is as opposed to quieting a discussion or hailing it as spam or immaterial — choices that Twitter at present covers inside inconvenient dropdown menus.

Twitter’s decision up until this point is that admittance to downvoting “works on the nature of discussions on Twitter,” recommending the component may ultimately graduate to turn into a super durable expansion to the site.

Downvotes and detests are a basic way for clients to give criticism on web-based substance, yet they can likewise be tricky. They can be utilized in missions of designated badgering, for instance, and on the off chance that they turned out to be important for Twitter’s calculation, they could be utilized to quietness disagreeing assessment.

Previously, YouTube has found abhorrences so hazardous that it made the most of the vote private starting in November last year. Facebook, in the meantime, has tried different things with downvotes, yet never executed them, liking to at first just give clients the choice to “like” content prior to extending the scope of responses utilizing emoticon.

Vivek Kumar (Vik)
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