Introducing Make Space Capital Partners — a new yield and growth product in the storage sector

Make Space
Make Space Capital Partners
2 min readJul 9, 2019


Meet Make Space Capital Partners, a Canadian-owned and British Columbia-based company building a portfolio of profitable storage assets to satisfy market demand as well as provide investors with a solid return and strong upside potential.

The storage real estate sector shows stable growth and rising demand. Patrick Wood, director of Canadian Self Storage Valuation Services, states that this growth is linked both to the steady increase in population and to the increasing demand for the product itself. A core reason for the growing demand is downsizing. As the price of property and land continues to rise, both businesses and the public have been pushed into smaller spaces. Yet people are still interested in keeping their heirlooms and seasonal recreation equipment like skis and bikes. The need for a second space outside of the home has become more prevalent, with the USA at 8–9 square feet per capita and Canada at 3–4 square feet per capita in storage.

A February 2019 The Globe and Mail article noted that not only is the self storage market in Canada underserved, but medium and smaller self storages are seen as viable targets for the big storage REITs. Make Space Capital Partners have seen this demand first hand and we are actively growing our portfolio in major markets across Canada.

Make Space Capital Partners is pleased to offer our first limited partnership (MSCP LP1) launched exclusively through Raintree Financial Solutions for investors looking for a yield plus growth opportunity in the self storage sector. The Make Space advantage is our ability to grow revenues and profit even after our facilities are full. The Make Space Storage brand already has a number of locations across Canada, and this number is growing. Two stabilized properties are ready to roll into the fund, several projects are in our proprietary pipeline, and we are raising capital to grow to 15–20 stabilized self storage locations from Coast to Coast.

MSCP LP1 offers the potential for stable income with a targeted 6% yield, and a projected 12–15% IRR. There is good alignment with owners who are maintaining a 25% stake in the portfolio and directors and managers are looking to invest alongside investors in the partnership. The management team of Make Space Capital Partners consists of experts with a proven record in self storage, logistics, and real estate industries.

We’re excited about the future of Make Space, and appreciate the early attention and support we have received from investors and the Raintree Financial Solutions team. We would love to share our plans with you and invite you to our website, where you can learn more about existing locations and get in touch with us: