Dark Angel
Esta make-up eu denominei como Anjo Sombrio.
Caracterizo-o assim, pelo smokey eyes com cores muito fortes e opostas, embora que neutras. O preto muito carregado e uma boa sombra iluminadora.
Nesta maquilhagem apenas utilizei produtos INGLOT.
This make-up I termed as Dark Angel.
I characterize it that way, because of the smokey eyes with very strong and opposing colors, although that neutral. The heavily loaded black and a good illuminating shade!
On this makeup i’ve only used INGLOT products.
Eye Makeup Base 01–22T
Eyeshadow 330 (Milky Beige) –27P
Eyeshadow 65 (Black with sparkle) — 7FS / 80HP
Eyeshadow 08 (Iluminator) — 11S
AMC eyeliner gel 77–31T / 23T
Kohl Pencil 05 (Beige waterproof iluminator)
Kohl Pencil 01 (Black waterproof water line)
Eyebrow Pencil 502 (Gray color)
Eyelash Mascara ‘ False Lash Effect ‘’
Lipstick 116 ( Nude Color)
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