Facebook’s New React JavaScript Library Tutorial Rewritten in AngularJS

React vs. AngularJS: Let’s make an app to compare!

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Facebook React is a new JavaScript framework. I found their official tutorial for creating a comment box (like Disqus or Facebook Comments) and I wanted to re-create this app in AngularJS.

In the AngularJS version below, the HTML speaks for itself.

And the entire JavaScript required to

1) power the form, 2) redraw the comments, and 3) render Markdown in HTML

appears below.

Of course, we may want to save the new comment to a server, so we simply add a few more lines:

And if we want to automatically update the comments every 5 seconds, we simply add the following lines:

For an interactive demo, I created a jsFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/vla/Cdrse/

What does the Facebook “React” tutorial look like? Here you go!

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