5 reasons why our Makers are incredible

Makers are the backbone of our event. This altruistic group dedicates time and energy to produce high-quality projects for a variety of nonprofits in the community. So thank you for being you, and here are 5 reasons why you are killing it!

  1. Makers are committed

Makers at the Make-a-Thons dedicate 12 hours on a Saturday to working their butts off to serve a deserving nonprofit or humanitarian organization in their community.

Not only this, but they spend an evening with the Make a Mark team and their nonprofit a few weeks prior to the event planning and prepping for their project.

2. Makers are there to learn

The Makers are asked to complete an entire project with a completely new team and new environment in just 12 hours. This challenges Makers to create something unique and special, and to rely on one another to make something truly great for their nonprofit.

3. Makers are there to teach

Many of the Makers are seasoned professionals, while others are students in their fields. The make-a-thons are an opportunity to both learn and teach others. Students and professionals have a chance to mentor each other and be mentored during the 12 hours. What they come away with is a new relationship and a tremendous project.

4. Makers are altruistic

Altruistic is defined as showing a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Makers are the very definition of selfless in their service of the causes that work to make our communities better. They humbly use their skills and creativity to help their neighbors.

5. Makers are talented

Makers are over-the-top talented. We work with some of the most accomplished and creative individuals to rebrand organizations, design and build websites and create videos that tell powerful stories. The talent that Makers display is astonishing and breathtaking.

To say thank you to our Makers, we have some incredible companies offering perks to those participating in the coming 12 months. These perks include a Sketch license, 1 Year of Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop, 1 Year of UXPin Team Plan and IconFinder gift cards.

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