Asheville introduces make-a-thon for nonprofits

Sarah Obenauer
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2 min readMar 15, 2018


The Make a Mark Asheville Make-a-Thon is officially on the books for Saturday, June 23rd at Hatch AVL.

For 12 hours, we gather the best designers, developers and other creatives to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in our area. These projects include updated branding, websites, print materials, social media collateral, mobile apps and more.

Applications are open now through April 16th.

Are you a graphic designer, developer, brand expert, copywriter, photographer, videographer or other creative interested in helping a nonprofit? Apply as a maker.

Are you a nonprofit or humanitarian cause that’s interested in being selected for the Make-a-Thon? Do you know an incredible cause in need of some design help? Apply as a nonprofit.

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Why Asheville?

Asheville is a hub of great food, craft brews and killer music. But more importantly, Asheville is home to a group of artists and creative technologists, as well as a group of altruistic caring souls. We love finding ways to bridge the gap between these communities and are excited to explore this in Asheville.

Who is invited?

All local nonprofit and humanitarian organization leaders, as well as designers, developers, illustrators, videographers, photographers, copywriters and other creatives are invited to apply. Not a maker? That’s ok, we need volunteers too!

What is Make a Mark?

Make a Mark kicked off in 2015 in Virginia to bring together under-resourced community organizations and area creatives. Over the course of our annual events, Make a Mark has completed 70 projects with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donated hours.

Want to know more?

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Make a Mark

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