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Make a Mark

Life of Hope team in the ‘Secret Room’ behind a bookcase at the 2018 NYC Make-a-Thon

Life of Hope

2018 NYC Make-a-Thon Case Study

The Organization

The Life of Hope Center (LOH) is a community-based organization which fosters opportunities for youth and families in Central Brooklyn, with a focus on Haitians and other immigrant groups. LOH seeks to create hope and capacity in education and economic opportunity through adult, youth and family programming.

The Project

The demand for Life of Hope’s services has grown during these current times of uncertainty for immigrants. For this reason, LOH was seeking help with design and messaging for brochures and other materials for prospective program participants and donors, communicating their impact in the community.

The Team

Their team of three makers — Leah Williams, Gabriela Ospina and Carmela Wilkins — created print materials, a donor pitch deck and a brand aesthetic that be used continually in all of their communication.

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