Meet the Baltimore Nonprofits

Organizers in Baltimore select nine nonprofits for the second annual Baltimore Make-a-Thon

Sarah Obenauer
Sep 16 · 5 min read

Baltimore is a city filled with grit and character. It is a city that is willing to accept its pitfalls and tackle them with not just generosity, but skill, to find real solutions.

On Saturday, September 21st, designers, developers, marketers, and other creatives from across the city will gather in service of nine exceptional nonprofits at idfive.

Let’s meet the nonprofits!

Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group

Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group provides coaching, counseling, referrals, outreach, advocacy, and networking opportunities to all people seeking employment. This group meets weekly to help find employment and opportunities for everyone across Baltimore. Learn more.

Photo courtesy of Bikemore


Bikemore advocates for policies and infrastructure that create thriving neighborhoods in Baltimore. They work to expand protected bicycle infrastructure between neighborhoods, and work within them to ensure policies are in place to allow them to be mixed-use, walkable, and bikeable. They focus on putting people before cars, and expanding opportunity for all of Baltimore’s residents. Learn more.

Black Girls Unscripted

Black Girls Unscripted is a Baltimore-based grassroots movement dedicated to harnessing the power of storytelling in digital and community spaces with the mission to connect, heal, and empower women and girls.

After 13-year-old, Alisha, attempted to commit suicide, she told her story to her mentor, Tiffany Gill. She shared that she’d grown tired of being bullied about her dark skin and natural hair. With a desire to help positively shape the way girls and young women of color view themselves in the world, Tiffany launched Black Girls Unscripted. Learn more.

Photo courtesy of Hosts for Humanity

Hosts for Humanity

Hosts for Humanity connects families and friends of patients traveling to receive medical care with volunteer hosts offering accommodations in their homes in Baltimore.

The organization was founded by Jenny Owens after she spent many hours in the hospital with her infant son. She saw that families across the country were traveling far from home and having to stay in hospitals or hotels. She wanted to provide a network of homes where they could stay at no cost. Learn more.


PIVOT seeks to provide a pathway for women from prison to purpose. Its goal is to help women break the cycle of incarceration and rebuild their lives and their families. Through a community-centered program followed by an ongoing mentorship commitment, women gain the support, tools, relationships, and resources to find stability, employment, and long-term economic independence. Learn more.

PIVOT is a returning organization from the 2018 Baltimore Make-a-Thon where they received a brand new website. They were also nominated for the 2018 Make a Mark Kathy Graham Sullivan Community Impact Award. The Kathy Graham Sullivan Community Impact Award is presented annually to an organization, team, or leader that has had a sizable impact on a meaningful problem for the people in its communities.

Photos courtesy of Positive Strides

Positive Strides

Positive Strides provides guidance and financial assistance to athletes who have suffered catastrophic or life changing sports-related injuries. They work with both males and females ages 13 to 24. Ryan Brant, Founder/CEO of Positive Strides, started the organization after suffering his own set of injuries throughout his years as an athlete. Learn more.

Photo courtesy of Touching Young Lives

Touching Young Lives

In 2011, Shantell Roberts suffered a tragic loss when her one year old daughter died due to pneumonia. Shantell founded Touching Young Lives to provide infants with a safe place to sleep in the simplest form. Her goal is to ensure the health and well-being of infants and children across socio-economic lines through the use of Portable Alternative Cribs.

Touching Young Lives is also a returning organization from the 2018 Baltimore Make-a-Thon. Learn more.

United Ministries

United Ministries, a housing and social justice organization, is both dedicated to assisting men experiencing homelessness, who want to change their lives and to changing community attitudes toward homelessness. They provide supportive housing to men suffering from homelessness in two different homes in the Baltimore area. Learn more.

Women’s Law Center of Maryland

The Women’s Law Center’s mission is to ensure the physical safety, economic security, and autonomy of women. They provide direct legal representation, information and referral services, and legislative advocacy. They are working for a legal system that provides justice and fairness for women. Learn more.

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Make a Mark

Discussing the way to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the visual design community to create more innovative community organizations.

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Make a Mark

Discussing the way to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the visual design community to create more innovative community organizations.

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