Kathleen Maxian, President & Founder, reacting to her project during Drinks + Demos

Ovarian Cancer Project

2018 NYC Make-a-Thon Case Study


The Organization

Ovarian Cancer Project was founded in 2012 by an ovarian cancer survivor. The mission is to provide education on the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer and to provide supportive services for women with ovarian cancer in a world where there are no screening tests for this disease.

The Project

This organization was looking for a creative digital campaign to educate more women about the disease and its risk factor. This project was an opportunity to be creative and craft a strategic digital campaign for a meaningful organization.

The Team

A team of four makers — Ashika Kuruvilla, Charmie Shah, Damian Orellana and David Gerlach — crafted a social media campaign that was untraditional, not clinical, and a little bit provocative. This is a powerful symbol that gets women and men inspired to teach their friends, sisters, mothers, and wives how we can beat ovarian cancer. Check out their video!

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