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Make a Mark

Claudette Bryant, The GLBT Project Founder & Executive Director, reacting to her project during Drinks + Demos

The GLBT Project

2018 NYC Make-a-Thon Case Study

The Organization

The GLBT Project is dedicated to building and maintaining healthy relationships in the urban Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Two Spirit community through research, education, advocacy and public service. The group’s main focus is on domestic violence, substance abuse and homelessness.

The Project

As both a small and new organization, The GLBT Project was looking to establish its unique brand personality that was reflective of its goal of being bright and encouraging to its audience. The organization was in need of a new brand as well as guidelines that could be used when making future design decisions.

The Team

Their team was made up of designers and strategists from the NYC brand and design firm, Clarke. Check out the new logo and branding elements below.

Check out a recap from the 2018 NYC Make-a-Thon. Interested in taking part in an upcoming make-a-thon? To stay up to date, subscribe to the newsletteror send an email to



Discussing the way to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the visual design community to create more innovative community organizations.

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