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Make a Mark

Think!Chinatown team presenting Yin Kong, Co-Founder, with concepts during a check-in at the 2018 NYC Make-a-Thon


2018 NYC Make-a-Thon Case Study

The Organization

Think!Chinatown is a collective of neighbors and advocates working to keep Chinatown a vibrant place of inter- generational learning, cultural production & civic engagement. The mission is to attract and connect resources for Chinatown organizations and businesses.

The Project

Think!Chinatown is a young organization hitting their one year mark. The organization was looking for an overall brand that would encapsulate the organization’s mission and connect it better with its broad audience. Chinatown is a broad geographical area and can be hard to define. The organization wanted their new brand to represent this.

The Team

Their team was made up of four amazing makers including Ana Realmuto, Maria Bonello, Katie Klencheski and Nathan Bruzdzinski.

Check out a recap from the 2018 NYC Make-a-Thon. Interested in taking part in an upcoming make-a-thon? To stay up to date, subscribe to the newsletter or send an email to



Discussing the way to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the visual design community to create more innovative community organizations.

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