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MakeCode for micro:bit update to be released October 26th!

Mark your calendars and buy a cake. The new MakeCode for micro:bit editor will be released on Friday October 26th!

What’s new?

For a list of all the new updates and features, please read our earlier blog post.

Here is a quick recap of the changes:

  • New Home Page with recent projects, tutorials and examples
  • Updated look-and-feel of the Blocks
  • Inline block expansion/collapse for If Then and Array blocks
  • Simplified variable creation process
  • Support for floating point arithmetic

A big THANK YOU! to all the folks who have been using the beta, logging bugs, and filing requests — your feedback has been critical in helping us stabilize over the past few weeks and deliver a highly performant, reliable platform.

What you can expect after October 26th

  • The default MakeCode micro:bit editor that you access at, will look like the current beta version.
  • The first time you visit the new editor, your existing projects from the previous editor will be automatically copied over.

We have worked hard to keep continuity between the old and new versions to minimize disruption — so all the blocks should be in the same place they were before and called the same thing. And of course, all of your previous programs will all work in the new version.

If you take pride in being “retro” or have some separation anxiety, don’t worry! You’ll still be able access the old version at which we’ll continue to host for the next couple years.

If you use the MakeCode for micro:bit Windows 10 app, you’ll also get the updated release on October 26th.

For publishers, curriculum creators, or educators with custom lesson plans who may have screenshots or images of the old editor — feel free to start updating your content and materials to match with the new editor. The design is locked at this point and there will be no more changes between now and release.

Got a question?

If you have specific questions, you might find the answers for them in the micro:bit knowledge base:

Happy Making and Coding!

The MakeCode Team



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