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Convert website into app Using React Native Expo & publish in the app store


In this article, we will discuss how to convert your website (HTML & javascript code) into the app using react native expo. They are more other ways that we can convert your website into an app like PWA etc but those we cannot publish in the Playstore/AppStore.

There is a concept known as webview in react native expo using that we can convert any website (static or dynamic) into the app within less time. But you need to follow small steps

Note:- No prior knowledge is required on react native expo language

Step 1:- Initially you need to install & setup the react expo in your machine (Reference docs:-

Step 2:- Create an expo project

Step 3:- In your project, you need to create the src folder and inside create a file name as main.js

Step 4:- Now, there will be app.js & main.js files in your project(expo)

Insert the appropriate code in app.js

Insert the appropriate code in main.js inside the src folder

In app.json you need to do a little configuration before publishing the in-app store (more info:-

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