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Nov 17, 2017 · 4 min read

As we reflect on the importance of primary care in October, One of America’s biggest wars is preventing the abuse of opioids. Every 19 minutes, a child is born addicted to opioids as medical professionals fight with Congress and the drug industry pumping addictive, untested narcotics into the country (source).

In this month’s newsletter, We want to raise attention to the heroin baby versus the crack baby epidemic. Currently, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), aka babies experiencing heroin withdrawals is sweeping the nation. We have seen this before and during the early 90s crack era but now at a faster rate. The opioid crisis is killing more babies with the disease as it spreads through affluent communities. So we ask, why is the term “heroin baby” too harsh for society and why aren’t we seeing it on the nightly news? Let’s dig deeper in my full Editor’s Letter.

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— Fallon Davis

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DEA Agent Exposes Government’s Efforts To Pump More Opioids In U.S. Communities

Ex DEA agent Joe Rannazzisi says lobbyists are responsible for the overflow of opioid drugs distributed in American communities. DEA projects put in place to stop the crisis were shot down by Congress while thousands of Americans died.

Solar Powered Medical Truck Serves As Clinic In Communities

Clemson University is the first clinic to run 100% on solar-power and has taken primary care to the next level by serving inner-city communities with a 23’ by 16’ medical truck ran on 8 solar panels. “It’s one of the only ones in the world like it now it recharges on its own and you can run it for several days,” said Logan McFall, an agent for Clemson University.

Hot Career: Nurses As Patient Advocates

If you are a nurse looking to expand your professional skills, the patient advocacy field is booming. Terri Dreher RN, CCRN, IRNPA and critical nurse of over 30 years explains how families pay you privately to protect and put their interests first.

Pennsylvania’s Obamacare Premiums Will Skyrocket With Gov’t Cuts

Insurance premiums for plans sold on Pennsylvania’s Obamacare exchange will increase by an average of 30.6% for 2018, primarily because of President Trump’s decision to stop paying key subsidies according to the state’s insurance department.

Why Are Nurses 2X ’s More Likely Than Patients To Get Depressed?

There are many symptoms of depression but, the common ones such as the secret epidemic, misinformation, discrimination are a few reasons the disease slips by our nurses radar. Nurses have a difficult time diagnosing themselves despite the extensive medical training they have.

This Illinois Medical School Started Grave Robbing

In the 1800’s medical schools couldn’t legally work on corpses for educational purposes. With this barrier, many students grave robbed to conduct their research. Here’s the story on why Rock Medical School lost their accreditation.

Twin Weighing 1 Lb, 4 Oz Survives 16-Week Early Pregnancy

Twins, a girl and boy, were born 16- weeks early at a medical center in Olympia. While her brother lost his life during the C- Section, the girl miraculously survived and is showing promising improvement.

600K People Might Know When They’ll Die

Data was collected from over 600k people in a life span study. There are two variations of genetic regions that can influence our lifespan.

Radiology Fields Changing Among Med Students

A study on Diagnostic Radiology (DR) versus Interventional Radiology (IR) revealed a strong interest in IR over DR among medical students considering a career in radiology.

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We’re a multimedia storytelling studio in Los Angeles, advocating for the advancement of primary care and universal healthcare for everyone. Brought to you by Dress A Med.