Human Trial Results Of Universal Cancer Vaccine

By Ma Venus Cortez

Scientists have published human trial results and research on mice for the first universal cancer vaccine. Patients who already have cancer will receive the vaccine rather than those who want to prevent it. With the vaccine, patients’ immune systems will learn to mass attack any tumors found in the body.

This specific method, called immunotherapy, is nothing new to researchers. However, this revolutionary vaccine is far less time consuming and far more inexpensive than previous methods. This method is also much less invasive on a patient’s body. Because scientists make the vaccine in lab, modifications can change it to attack other cancers as well. So far, research in mice has shown that these results can happen. It does not necessarily mean these results will be seen in humans. However, Science Alert says the research is in its early stages. There is still time for more research to see how human cancer patients will react to this treatment.

Three melanoma patients have already been put on trial. Scientists tested for safety measures, rather than effectiveness, and there were positive results. Side effects were limited to flu-like symptoms, which is better than most chemotherapy treatments already out there. Scientists, of course, are hoping the follow-up results are positive. If they are, then there will be a larger clinical trial to test for effectiveness of the vaccine on humans. This will not happen for another twelve months, however. Scientists still need to perform extensive research. It needs to determined if this vaccine can treat other forms of cancer as theorized.

Many are holding onto high hopes about the future of cancer treatment.

This health brief was originally published in the Dress A Med newsletter.

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