Missing Paid Family Leave. How Online Therapy Helps. Link Between Blood & Depression.

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Aug 1, 2017 · 4 min read

As in many work environments, women aren’t paid as well as their male co-workers in many industries. Along with a large pay gap, in general, women experience bullying in the workplace and subsequently depression. In the U.S., more than half of the country has experienced some type of depression. How can we make a healthier and happier situation for everyone? Read my Editor’s Letter for my thoughts on this subject.
Fallon Davis

Why Minority Women Are Bullied At Work

Recent findings from a study conducted by the Georgia University reveals that women and minorities reported higher incidents of workplace bullying and a lack of support from their peers. The effects of workplace bullying puts this group at risk for anxiety, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Global Depression Drug Market is Rising

In 2014, the global depression drug market was valued at $14.51 billion and is forecasted to reach $16.8 billion by the end of 2020. Contributing factors to this increase include a growing geriatric population, rising efficacy and drug enhancements reducing the number of side effects.

Blood Test Helps Doctors Treat Depression

Researchers from UT Southwestern have developed a blood test (just a prick of the finger) that may help physicians ability to prescribe initial drug treatments. Researchers believe these results could be applied to a variety of commonly prescribed anti-depressants. The more accurate doctors are able to find the best prescriptions the more likely patients are to continue treatments.

GPs Prescribe 75,000 Drugs For Depression

NHS England released data revealing that North Somerset CCG, who is responsible for the planning and buying of the majority of the health services for the 205,000 residents, spent more than £8 million on drugs prescribed by GPs in the last 3 months of 2016. £250,000 was spent on anti-depressants, which were prescribed the most by GPs who wrote prescriptions for 75,775 items.

Everyone Should Have Paid Family Leave

The U.S is the only developed nation without a federal Family Leave program and forty-six states have no program at all. And while corporations like Starbucks and Yum brands have recently introduced policies, these policies tend to benefit white-collar employees, leaving behind retail employees who largely make up their work force. Only 4% of low-wage working people are eligible for family leave.

Greece Hit by 1,100% Rise in Depression

According to a study by the University of Athens, the country has seen a dramatic increase in the use of antipsychotics, tranquilizers and antidepressants. Reasons for this surge have been attributed to rising taxes, higher unemployment numbers and the increase of household debt.

Why Depression Is Most Widespread Disease

Mental Health awareness continues to rise, but yet in the U.S. half of cases still go unreported which is why The World Health’s Organization (WHO) named its campaign, “Depression: let’s talk” to continue to educate and address the antiquated views on depression and other mental health issues.

Online Therapy Treats Mental Health

The global mental health system is only serving approximately 10% of patients. The need for online therapies is seen as imperative by some in the field. Web-based psychological treatments like online cognitive behavior therapy have proven effective in dealing with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

How These Black Millennial Women Deal With Depression

Three Black Millennial women openly discuss their experiences with depression and how they manage it.

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The #MakeHealthPrimary Journal

We’re a multimedia storytelling studio in Los Angeles, advocating for the advancement of primary care and universal healthcare for everyone. Brought to you by Dress A Med.

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